Lab Facilities

103 Research Building I











1222 Engineering Building III












  • APS-113 long stroke shaker and APS-125 amplifier
  • Vicon motion capture system with Vero v2.2 cameras
  • High speed DIC system with Photron UX50 cameras
  • Keyence laser displacement sensor and controller
  • dSPACE MicroLabBox real-time interface system
  • NI data acquisition systems with LabVIEW
  • Accelerometers, force/pressure transducers, and signal conditioners
  • 2 channel high voltage amplifier
  • Ultimaker S5 FDM printer
  • Sartorius analytical balance
  • TMC optical table
  • Oscilloscopes, waveform generator, multimeters, and power supplies
  • Thermo Scientific programmable convection oven
  • Thermo Scientific vacuum oven
  • Thermo ScientificĀ  -30Ā°C freezer
  • Airtech vacuum bagging equipment
  • Thermocouples and data loggers
  • CPS vacuum pumps